Webinar Title: Over A Cup of Tea Webinar - Practical Tools & Resources for Your Small Business

Date: September 23rd, 2020


Need practical tools and resources for your small business? Watch this Over a Cup of Tea Webinar to learn more, presented by HWCC's Marketing Coordinator, Jim Lee.


In this webinar series, we’ll be informing our members and community partners about the activities of the chamber, its progress, and current issues related to economic development. We’ll also be sharing a ton of practical tools and resources for your small business!


Topics covered:
• Free/Paid Tools, Software & Websites
• Free/Paid Websites to learn skills
• Podcasts to listen too & More


Who's the webinar for?
• Small Business Owners who need simple and practical tools
• Small Business Owners looking for free tools
• Those looking to learn more about business

Watch the webinar above!

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Industry and Ecosystem Update: 0:00

Webinar content start: 16:35

Download the webinar slide deck PDF here.


Webinar Title: Over A Cup of Tea Webinar - Certified Contractor

Date: August 19th, 2020


In this monthly webinar series, we will be providing HWCC and business updates and we’ll be discussing how you and your business can become a certified contractor with the state of Wisconsin. We’ll be having this discussion with special guest, Aina Vilumsons, Executive Director/CEO of the Wisconsin Procurement Institute.

Watch the webinar above!

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Introductions: 0:00

Contractor Information: 17:15

HWCC Website with Resources: https://www.hmongchamber.org/covid-19-resources

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