George Lor

Lor Chiropractic Clinic- Milwakee, WI

"Being a refugee family in this country, English is a second language and this is always a challenge to any immigrant family. The Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce should be considered a vital part of every small business because they offer resources for businesses. They also provide training, seminars, and assist in developing a proper business plan.

We’re blessed to have Hmong organizations like the Hmong Chamber and I highly recommend if you are interested in going into business or starting your own business that you should talk to the Hmong Chamber so you can get a good start."

Wen-Tyan Soo

Nail Bar Milwaukee- Milwaukee, WI

"Having that chunk of money from HWCC's Revolving Loan Fund was integral to really opening the doors. The biggest hurdle I found with opening the business was the business plan and all the different steps to get the business open. I went to MATC and they highly recommended the Hmong Chamber and as I found out from other community resources as well that the Hmong Chamber was one of the strongest small chambers to help small businesses.

Being Southeast Asian, it related very well, and also with being a woman. I worked closely with the Hmong Chamber to get the final piece of my financing.  

I really love being a business owner, it’s not only providing jobs, it is providing a service to people who are looking for that service and you can really make somebody’s day, providing an environment where people are really wowed when they walked through the door, and really, the independence of being a business owner."  

Xa Xiong

XANKIA Sandwich Shop- Milwaukee,WI

"I’m originally from Wausau, and coming to Milwaukee I didn’t know where Hmong community was and it made me feel like an outsider. But after starting my business, that actually helped me connect with my Hmong community here in Milwaukee.

Coming off of school with all my school debt, basically I didn’t have the funding to start my business. So with the Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce loan, it helped me start my business."

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