Marketing 101

What Is And How To Market Your Business

What is Marketing? Marketing in simple terms is promoting or selling your product or service to people. It is critical to your business's success.

Marketing your business can increase its visibility and potentially bring in more sales. Who doesn't want more sales? Marketing also doesn't necessarily mean that it will cost a lot either, there are many inexpensive ways to market your business.

Inexpensive ways to market your business:

  • Promote your business by telling family and friends in person and online. Cost (FREE)

  • Promote your business at Networking events, events, and the public. Cost (FREE unless there is a charge for the events)

  • Old school method-- "Flyers". You can create these for free on Microsoft applications like WORD. Otherwise upgrade your flyer game by visiting free sites like CANVA or Adobe Spark and make them prettier. Cost (Printing)

  • THE GOOGLE, If you have a location for your business, you can add it to Google so customers can find you. Here's instructions on how to do it! Cost (FREE)

  • Social Media: Most social media sites like Facebook are free and have free business accounts. Put your business on there and start building your online presence. Pro Tip: (You don't need to be on every social platform, just stick with one or a few). Cost (FREE, paid options)

  • Get a Website!!!! You can get a free website using platforms like WIX, there are limitations of course but at least get your business out there so people can find you and purchase your products services. Cost (FREE, paid options)

Our Tips On Traditional Marketing

  1. Figure out who your customers are and why your product or service is better than current ones.

  2. Start to get to know people in the same industry and get to know business leaders and make connections. This can help get you more clients or get mentors and help. Find events on sites like Eventbrite, meetup, and even on Facebook!

  3. Flyers and signages can still work for your customer base. Make sure the flyers catch people's attention and has enough detail and not too much. The message should be clear and short.

Our Tips On Digital Marketing

  1. Create a website, create social media accounts (at least a Facebook), put your business on Google. These all have free options.

  2. To WIN social media, you have to provide value to the viewers/consumers

  3. Don't give up on social media if it doesn't work out right away. Social media is like a science project, you have test out your posts and find out what works and what your customers like to see and consume online.

  4. There are many resources to help you win social media, you don't need to have all the skills in marketing/design. See below for free and paid resources to up your social and digital marketing game!

Resources to Help You Market Your Business



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