Making the Sale

No matter your product or industry, your business's future is going to depend on revenue and sales. If you have no sales, you don’t have a business.

There are many different sales strategies and techniques you can use but here are the basics:

  1. Listen to your customers. Find out what they actually need, not just want. Figure out how you can bring that need to them.

  2. Ask for a commitment, but don't be pushy about it. You can't be too shy to ask for a next step or to close a sale, but you also can't make customers feel as though you're forcing them into a sale.

  3. It’s okay to hear “No”. Don’t be afraid of people telling you no. You need to value your time and sometimes people will listen to your pitch and have no interest in buying. Move on to the next customer.

So next, how to make the sale in simple terms:

  1. Identify customer niche market that needs your product and/or service

  2. Reach out to this market either in person or through digital means

  3. Bring value to the customer through your business and then “ask” for the sale

  4. If they say no, move on to the next one and repeat step 3. If they say yes, make the transaction as smooth and simple as you can/continue to build that relationship with the customer. Repeat sales/referrals are huge.

Resources to Help You Get Sales



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