Growing and Scaling Your Business

There are many ways to grow your business. It can through the means of acquiring other businesses, reaching a new target market, expanding your businesses service/products and more.

In order to grow and scale, businesses need four things.

  1. Increase customer demand. Can’t grow a business if you don’t have customers.

  2. Ability to manage/retain customers. Does your business have skills to keep customers happy and turn them into returning customers?

  3. Ability to market. There are some businesses that can survive solely on word of mouth and conduct little to no marketing. However, the majority of businesses and especially in this day in business, need the ability to market to customers and differentiate themselves from the competition. Great companies are the ones who have solid marketing.

  4. Teams capacity to handle demand. If your team doesn’t have the skillset or ability to manage more demand, consider hiring on more staff or businesses with other organizations through partnerships and contracts.

Growing a business and sustaining the growth can be very challenging. Take a look at the resources below that can help you learn how to further grow your business.

Resources to Help Your Business Grow



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