Building Your Team

Behind every successful business is a strong team. When starting your business or growing it, hiring good employees and building a positive company culture will be key in maintaining and growing your business.

Here are some tips on creating a team/hiring:

  1. Identify Roles/Positions Needed. Before any hiring decisions, identify what roles need to be filled in your business. Once that role is identified, search and hire in talent who have those skill sets and experience that you need and that you and your team don’t have.

  2. Advisers, Contracts, Partners, Part-Time VS Full-Time. When developing your team, you may not have to hire full-time employees right away. Consider bringing partners in expert fields for an exchange in business/service or form short contracts with them to access their abilities. Also, consider hiring part-time via contracts to access the skill level and work in the beginning and then move them to full-time employees.

  3. Hiring Employees. Always make sure to do some fact-checking and a background check on potential employees. Once the employee is hired, start them on smaller tasks to test their abilities then progress up to larger tasks.

  4. Creating a Culture. Every company has a different working environment and each one has its own pros and cons. It will be up to you as the business owner to change and mold the companies working environment into what you think is best for the company. For example, will the company’s culture be one that allows their employees to dress down or require suits during business hours? Once a culture has been established, when hiring employees, look for individuals who would thrive in the environment.

Resources to Help You Get The Dream Team:



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