HWCC Host Dinner Meeting to Discuss DNC 2020

The National Chair of the DNC’s Asian American/Pacific Islander (AAPI) Caucus, Bel Leong-Hong, met with Hmong business owners and Asian American community leaders in Milwaukee on July 19, to discuss ways to make sure they benefited from the economic impact of the convention next year and were not left behind as the city’s forgotten minority group.

The Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce (HWCC) hosted the working dinner meeting to discuss the 2020 DNC coming to Milwaukee, with a focus on the significance of having the AAPI community involved and how to get AAPI-owned businesses prepared for the DNC. “We participated in several pieces of the site selection process earlier this year with the Democratic Party. Right when those conversations started in Milwaukee, we were proactive in making sure that our local Asian American community and those across Wisconsin would have visibility during the DNC,” said May yer Thao, Executive Director of HWCC. “We also looked at how we needed to engage our Asian American communities, and so we could see some of the economic impact from this convention.”

HWCC was originally created with a focus on helping the Hmong community, but diversified to work with all low-income and underserved communities in Wisconsin. Understanding the challenges faced by local AAPI businesses, Thao wanted to ensure that they had a place at the table for next year’s $70 million event. Jason Rae, Secretary of the Democratic National Committee, also offered suggestions for involvement and a path for successful participation to the crowd of guests.

Part of meeting process was meant bringing together Asian American and Pacific Islander leaders, in order to partner on putting together events that would welcome National DNC AAPI delegates to Milwaukee. It also provided a networking opportunity and a space to outline strategies for cooperation and information distribution, so that the AAPI community would not be left out.

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