18 Movies and Shows with Asian Cast Members to Watch!

Here's a list of movies and shows with Asian cast members to watch at home! Most streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu offer free trials so sign up and watch most of these for free!

Films/Stand-Up Comedies

1. Parasite (2019)

Genre: Drama, Mystery

2020 Oscars winner of Best Picture, Directing, International Feature Film and Writing (Original Screenplay).

A poor family, the Kims, con their way into becoming the servants of a rich family, the Parks. But their easy life gets complicated when their deception is threatened with exposure.

Available on Hulu.

2. The Stranger (2019)

Genre: Drama, Thriller

The 2nd Featured film from Bryan Vue. Having narrowly escaped war-torn Laos as a child, Steve (aka Teng) is now living the "American dream." Following a family tragedy, however, Steve's life slowly crumbles apart. One day, a stranger--- claiming to be his long-lost brother--- appears at his doorsteps. Steve must try to reconcile with his estranged wife... meanwhile grapple with his mysterious, dark past.

Available to watch here.

3. The Farewell (2019)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

In this funny, heartfelt story, Billi’s (Awkwafina) family returns to China under the guise of a fake wedding to stealthily say goodbye to their beloved matriarch – the only person that doesn’t know she only has a few weeks to live.

Available on Amazon Prime.

Can also be streamed on: YouTube, Google Play, Vudu

4. Always Be My Maybe (2019)

Genre: Romantic Comedies

Childhood sweethearts have a falling out and don't speak for 15 years, only reconnecting as adults when Sasha runs into Marcus in San Francisco. Although the old sparks are still there, the couple live in different worlds.

Available on Netflix.

5. Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot (2019)

Genre: Stand-Up Comedy

Comedian Jo Koy takes center stage in Hawaii and shares his candid take on cultural curiosities, filter-free fatherhood and more.

Available on Netflix.

6. Ronny Chieng Asian Comedian Destroys America! (2019)

Genre: Stand-Up Comedy

Ronny Chieng (“The Daily Show,” “Crazy Rich Asians”) takes center stage in this stand-up special and riffs on modern American life and more.

Available on Netflix.

7. Ken Jeong You Complete Me, Ho (2019)

Genre: Stand-Up Comedy

In his first-ever stand-up special, Ken Jeong pays tribute to his wife and shares stories about Hollywood and how “The Hangover” saved his life.

Available on Netflix.

8. Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Genre: Romantic Comedies

Rachel Chu is happy to accompany her longtime boyfriend, Nick, to his best friend's wedding in Singapore. She's also surprised to learn that Nick's family is extremely wealthy and he's considered one of the country's most eligible bachelors. Thrust into the spotlight, Rachel must now contend with jealous socialites, quirky relatives and something far, far worse -- Nick's disapproving mother.

Available on Hulu.

Can also be streamed on: YouTube, Google Play, Amazon Prime

9. Searching (2018)

Genre: Suspense

37 hours after David Kim’s (John Cho) 16-year-old daughter goes missing without a single lead, David decides to search the one place no one has looked yet, where all secrets are kept today: his daughter’s laptop.

Available on STARZ.

Can also be streamed on: YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, Vudu

10. Ali Wong Hard Knock Wife (2018)

Genre: Stand-Up Comedy

Two years after the hit “Baby Cobra,” Ali Wong is back with another baby bump – and a torrent of hilarious truths about marriage and motherhood.

Available on Netflix.

11. Columbus (2017)

Genre: Drama

Casey lives with her mother in a little-known Midwestern town haunted by the promise of modernism. Jin, a visitor from Korea, attends to his dying father. Burdened by the future, they find respite in one another and the architecture that surrounds them.

Available on Topic on Amazon.

Can also be streamed on: YouTube, Google Play

12. Gook (2017)

Genre: Drama

Starring Justin Chon and David So, in a predominantly African-American community in LA, two Korean-American brothers run a shoe store where they strike up a unique and unlikely friendship with a young African-American girl, Kamilla. As one brother dreams of becoming a recording artist and the other struggles to keep the store afloat, racial tensions build to a breaking point in L.A. as the “infamous” L.A. Riots break out.

Available on Amazon Prime and Tubi.

13. The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)

Genre: Action, Drama

Sean Boswell (Lucas Black) always feels like an outsider, but he defines himself through his victories as a street racer. His hobby makes him unpopular with the authorities, so he goes to live with his father in Japan. Once there and even more alienated, he learns about an exciting, but dangerous, new style of the sport. The stakes are high when Sean takes on the local champion and falls for the man's girlfriend.

Can be streamed on: YouTube, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu

14. Mulan (1998) and Mulan 2 (2002)

Excited for the live-action 2020 Mulan film? Refresh your memory by re-watching the original Mulan story from Disney.

Fearful that her ailing father will be drafted into the Chinese military, Mulan (Ming-Na Wen) takes his spot -- though, as a girl living under a patriarchal regime, she is technically unqualified to serve. She cleverly impersonates a man and goes off to train with fellow recruits. Accompanied by her dragon, Mushu (Eddie Murphy), she uses her smarts to help ward off a Hun invasion, falling in love with a dashing captain along the way.

Available on Disney+.

Can also be streamed on: YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu

TV Shows and YouTube Series

15. Fresh off the Boat (2015, 6 Seasons)

Genre: Comedy

It’s the '90s and 12-year-old, hip-hop loving Eddie just moved to suburban Orlando from DC’s Chinatown with his parents. It’s a culture shock for his immigrant family in this comedy about pursuing the American Dream.

Available on Hulu.

Can also be streamed on: YouTube, Google Play, Amazon

16. Kim's Convenience (2016, 4 Seasons)

Genre: Comedy

While running a convince store in Toronto, members of a Korean-Canadian family deal with customers, each other and the evolving world around them.

Available on Netflix.

Can also be streamed on Amazon.

17. Yappie by Wong Fu Productions

Genre: Comedy

"Yappie" is a single-camera comedy that explores the social and racial issues related to the contemporary Asian American experience from the perspective of Andrew and his friends who are all "yappies".

Andrew is a 29-year-old Chinese American who, for most of his life, has never questioned his place or his purpose, unintentionally becoming a "model minority". But for the first time, due to some new influences and experiences, Andrew is discovering the effects of his invisibility on the canvas of diversity and is finally realizing he wants to do something about it.

Available on YouTube and Vimeo.

18. Youth & Consequences, staring Ana Akana

Genre: Comedy, Drama

In YOUTH & CONSEQUENCES, the new original series from YouTube Red, Anna Akana plays powerful trendsetter Farrah Cutney, the queen of Central Rochester High. But as her rivals rise, Farrah learns that the only thing harder than obtaining absolute power is keeping it.

Available on YouTube Red.

And that wraps up the list!

Thanks for stopping by and we hope that you will enjoy watching some of these movies and shows.

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