Logo Design Contest Overview

The Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce (HWCC) is rebranding and is inviting the public to participate! Over the last 13+ years, HWCC has helped numerous individuals/families from disadvantaged neighborhoods, start and expand their business in Wisconsin.

Over the years, there has been a misconception that HWCC, due to its name, only services individuals who identify as Hmong. While HWCC does primarily serve individuals of Hmong and Asian descent, HWCC has been intentionally more inclusive in who we service. Our primary goal remains to enhance economic opportunities for individuals and/or businesses located in underserved neighborhoods in Wisconsin.


Logo Design Guidelines

Some information is provided below to assist you with your design, regarding HWCC's mission and values:


HWCC Mission

  • To provide financial resources and technical assistance to business and community development activities that improve economic opportunities in low-income and underserved communities.


Our Goals

  • Establish, stabilize, and expand businesses

  • Create jobs in businesses

  • Provide access to capital for new and current business owners


Our Values

  • Community Advancement

  • Forward Thinking

  • Diversity

  • Collaboration


The new logo must:

  • Be original work

  • Include “HWCC’ somewhere in the logo design

  • Modern design with a touch of cultural influence design (Include some cultural design from Hmong and/or any other Asian culture)

  • Preferred color pallet: Red, white, black. But feel free to use any color.


View and/or download HWCC logos below.

Contest Guidelines

  1. Eligibility - Anyone who is interested is welcome to submit a design. If you have more than one design you’d like to submit, we welcome you to do so.

  2. Terms and Conditions 

    1. Must represent who HWCC is as an organization. Please use your creativity. Visit hmongchamber.org/about for more information.

    2. Must include “HWCC” somewhere in your logo design.

    3. No profanity, foul, violent, and/or controversial language or graphics. HWCC reserves the right to reject any entry it considers (acting reasonably) to be incomplete or includes inappropriate content

    4. Must follow/be following the HWCC Facebook page.

  3. Judging Process - Entries that meet all criteria for the competition will be judged anonymously by HWCC’s Marketing Committee. The winner will be announced no later than November 6, 2020.

  4. Prize - There will be one selected winner. The winner will receive a cash prize of $1,000.00 and a one-year HWCC premium membership.

  5. Releases - The selected winner gives HWCC the right to publicly announce their name and showcase their design on social media and any other platform or form of media that may be used to market HWCC. The designer may also be asked to make minor changes to the person’s design if there is a high likelihood that it is chosen by the HWCC selection committee. HWCC owns the right of the logo and usage of the logo in all future HWCC related promotions, social media posts, and website. 


How to Submit Work

The deadline to submit your design(s) is/are October 28, 2020, by 11:59 p.m.


Include in your submission and have your name in all the files (ex. John Smith - Logo PNG):

  • The original logo file

  • Any additional files (ex. fonts)

  • PNG of logo

  • All White Logo

  • All Black Logo

All submissions must be original work and be emailed to jim@hmongchamber.org. If the file size is too large via email, please attach a link that HWCC can download the file.


In your submission, please include your full name, preferred email and phone number, and where you are from.


Milwaukee Office

5421 N 118th Ct, Milwaukee, WI 53225 | 414.645.8828

Wausau Satellite Office

1109 N. 6th Street, Wausau, WI 54403 | 715.298.6071

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM