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The Next Gen

Thanks to the internet, entrepreneurship has expanded vastly and has given rise to the digital age of influencers, content creators, freelancers/contractors and more. We call this new generation CREATORS.  CREATORS who may and maybe not be a formal business, are those who create their own narrative, their own brand, and are chasing their own dreams. These are individuals who own their own traditional businesses (ex. Restaurants), own nontraditional businesses (ex. E-commerce), are Social Media Influencers/content creator and more! And it’s our goal to showcase the next generation of Asian American (AAPI) CREATORS. 

September's CREATORS Highlight

Mailee Harkey
The Cookie Cannery


Kam Yang and Ger Vang

GK Media Cinematography


Alexa and Matthew Alfaro
Meat on the Street

Food Truck/Restaurant

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