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HWCC  Business Loan Programs

How Our Business Loan Programs Started:

In partnership with the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), the Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), and several community banks, HWCC was successful in creating a business Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) program to support small businesses. Created in 2007, this loan fund is the first of its kind in the country designed to serve Hmong and Southeast Asian small businesses. This loan fund is also accessible to other undeserved communities as well.


Loans made through the RLF program provide much needed capital and can also 'bridge the gap' between the cash and assets of a business owner and the equity requirements needed to qualify for a commercial loan from a bank.

Four Business Loan Programs

Emergency fund/technical assistance loan

revolving loan fund - real estate secured large loan

This fund is to be used only for business emergency repairs or replacements or new business to use for technology or business plan underwriting. 

Emergency Fund/TA Loan Information:

  • Dollar amount of $1,000-$4,999.99

  • Term- 1 Year max, fully amortized

  • Interest Rate- Prime Rate (currently 5.50%) plus 5.5% or 11%

  • Unsecured loan

  • Total Loan Costs - $150

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Real Estate Secure Large Loan, provides capital for business start-ups that include real estate and real estate expansions, required to be secured by mortgage real estate.  

RLF Real Estate Secure Large Loan Information:

  • Dollar amount of $35,000-$75,000

  • Term- Up to 5 Years Max, 10-year amortization max with annual reviews

  • Interest Rate- Prime Rate (currently 5.50%) plus 1.5% or 7.0%

  • Secured loan- using Real Estate mortgage lien and GBSA (if applicable)

  • Total Loan Costs- Variable 

Revolving Loan Fund-Small loan

Revolving Loan Fund-Large loan

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Small Loan is primarily used for small equipment, seasonal agricultural businesses, and public market vendors. 

RLF Small Loans information:

  • Dollar amount of $5,000-$9,999.99

  • Term- Up to 2 Year max, fully amortized

  • Interest rate- Prime Rate (currently 5.50%) plus 3.5% or 9.00%

  • Total Loan Cost- $250

The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Large loan is primarily used to provide capital for business start-ups and expansions. 

RLF Large Loans information 

  • Dollar amount of $10,000-$35,000

  • Term- Up to 5 years maximum, fully amortized, with annual reviews

  • Interest rates - Prime Rate (currently 5.50%) plus 2.5% or 8.00%

  • Secured loan - GBSA (can use 1st/2nd mortgage lien as abundance of caution)

  • Total Loan Costs- Variable

Participatory Lending:  For businesses that need more than $75,000, HWCC has the ability to bring in partners for full funding needs.

Applying For Our Business Loan

The loan application process starts with a phone call to HWCC to discuss your business idea or business project.


Be prepared to discuss the following during initial conversations:


  • Business start up or expansion

  • Business owners and/or partners

  • Business location

  • Business entity 

  • Financial needs – be prepared to explain how loan funds will be used (i.e. working capital, equipment purchase, renovations, etc. )

  • Business plan

  • Financial statements (existing business) or projections (business start up)

  • Number of employees

  • New jobs to be created

  • Business certifications (i.e. Minority Owned Business, Women Owned Business, etc.)

  • Customer base

  • Competitors

  • Market niche


Next, complete the Revolving Loan Fund or Micro Loan Fund Application and submit it HWCC via email or US postal mail at our headquarters located on 6815 W. Capitol Drive, Suite 204, Milwaukee, WI 53216.


For more information about our loan programs, call  (414) 645-8828

or visit the RLF FAQ and RLF Walk-Through pages.

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